Can I work with if I am already partnered with a different tax-free company? /

Yes, you can and we encourage you to do so!

Processing claims via is easy. We don’t require you to sign any contracts or to promote us in stores, potentially violating existing contracts with another tax-free company you’re currently partnered with.

Most importantly, by processing your customers' claims via multiple different tax-free companies, you respect your customers freedom of choice and protect their consumer rights. Why?

When a customer uses a tax-refund companies’ services, he or she pays a processing fee. Customers should therefore be able to choose which tax-free company they want to use. EU laws protecting consumer rights dictate that you can not force customers to buy a secondary product which is being offered equally by competitors. This is called tying and forbidden in the EU. Tying practices result in higher consumer prices and hampers innovation resulting in lower quality of products and services.

There are multiple different tax-free companies operating in the market offering the same service in different and unique ways. Since for you as a retailer participating in the tax-refund scheme is free, it's only fair to let your customers choose where they want to spend hard earned money that is rightfully theirs.