EU-based diplomats: where can I get a tax-free form? /

A certificate of VAT exemption is needed from the EU member state where the goods have been purchased, in order to prove to the supplier and to the tax authorities of the state in question that entitlement to exemption from VAT exists. The tax authorities of the EU member state in which the supplier is located decide whether a diplomatic mission or consular post is eligible for a tax exemption or a tax refund in that member state. 

    • Goods purchased in the Netherlands:
      Certificates for VAT exemption for goods purchased in the Netherlands can be obtained from Team IFB. Email: [email protected] 

    • Goods purchased in Belgium:
      Certificates for VAT exemption for goods purchased in Belgium can be obtained from the department 'General Administration of Taxes'.
      Email: [email protected]

    For goods purchased in other EU member states, we advise you to contact your embassy in that country where the goods were purchased. They can refer you to the appropriate department of the tax authorities in that country.