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Standard VAT rate: 21%

Low VAT rate: 10% on food and some optical products

Low VAT rate: 4% on medicines, pharmaceutical goods, books, magazines

Minimum spend amount: EUR 0 - no minimum

Time limit to export: before the end of the 3rd month, after the month of purchase

Ask in the store: in Spain, when you go shopping, you must bring your passport to get a DIVA Tax-Free form from the store. If you don’t receive a Tax-Free from in-store, you can’t get back the VAT. Your VAT is refunded by the Tax-Free company visible on the form.

Required for Spanish Customs: 

Tip: You can find a guide for Spanish Customs here.

In Spain, the Customs system is digital. You can get proof of export at special Tax-Free machines which are located at every international airport in Spain. They’re usually located before check-in, in international departure halls. The machine will ask you to scan the Tax-Free form which you received from the store. Your VAT is refunded by the Tax-Free company visible on the form.

If the Customs machine is not working or you’re departing from another EU country, go to a manual Customs desk for an export stamp. You can ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction. Issues with getting a customs stamp in Spain? File a complaint here.

Don't forget to bring your passport when you go shopping. You'll need to show it to the store to get a DIVA Tax-Free form.