Can I get a VAT refund from any store? /

No, you can't get a VAT refund from every store, but don't worry, most stores are more than happy to cooperate. In our shopping guide you'll find more than 55.000 stores in the neighbourhood and online, that are willing to refund your VAT via

Refunding VAT is not mandatory by law. EU law states that, i
f you meet the requirements for a VAT refund, you have the right to submit a claim. However, at the same time, EU law also states that stores are not legally obliged to cooperate. Stores may also pay the VAT to the government during their periodic tax returns instead. 

Furthermore, some stores don't allow you to choose your own preferred refund partner. The store will only refund VAT if you use the refund partner they exclusively work with. Don't worry. Most stores value your freedom of choice and let you choose; they work with multiple refund partners at the same time.

To make sure you'll be able to claim back the VAT via, shop at stores that guarantee a refund. These stores can be found in our
 shopping guideThe coloured logo's in our shopping guide will tell you wether a store cooperates with or not:

Partner store
This is a partner store.
Refund is guaranteed

Pledger store

This store cooperates on a regular basis, or has cooperated in the past and has pledged to participate in the future.
Refund is highly likely

New store

This store is new in our system. 
Another customer has recently registered their receipt from this store and is still waiting for their refund. We're not sure yet wether the store will cooperate in refunding their VAT. When the store decides to cooperate (or not), we'll update this status. 
We advise you to contact the store first to determine wether they have a preferred VAT refund process in place. Please ask them wether they would be willing to cooperate with refunding your VAT via New stores are often more willing to cooperate if you let them know beforehand that you're going to submit a claim. Cooperation currently unknown

Non-cooperative store
This store has indicated to us in the past that they do not wish to cooperate with VAT refunds via This means we probably can't process your claim for this store. You can still register your receipt and we can try to contact them again, but a refund is not guaranteed. Please don't send your original receipt to our office in the post. Instead, keep it safe with you at home. You might need it to request a VAT refund from them directly or via another refund agency.

A store can be listed as ‘uncooperative’ for various reasons:

Find out what to do if a store doesn't cooperate here

Refund is unlikely