How can I process your invoice for my administration? (non-Dutch stores) /

Did you receive an invoice from, for a VAT refund claim from one of your customers?  You can process our invoice as follows:

1. I
n your bookkeeping system, correct (credit) the total sales amount of the customers original purchase (including VAT). Register the new sales amount; excluding VAT. 

3. Transfer the amount of our invoice (VAT amount paid by your customer during the original purchase) to You can find our bank details at the bottom of our invoice.

Has your customer's claim been submitted after the periodic tax return for this purchase? In other words, have you already paid the VAT to your local government during a tax return in the past? If your government facilitates corrections of your past periodic tax returns, you can still use the above mentioned procedure. The correction will be processed by your local government and the overpaid amount will be settled according to your local tax administration procedures*.

* For example, in the Netherlands, corrections of overpaid amounts during past tax returns are settled with the upcoming tax return amount due.