Tax-free shopping in my store, how does it work? /

This article is meant for stores that are not using our digital refund system (POPRâ„¢) 

1. Give your customer a envelope and tax-free form with their purchase receipt. The tax-free form includes instructions from to requesting a VAT refund.

 Tell your customer they need to register their purchase receipt in the app or via our website.

 Tell your customer they need to get a customs stamp on their receipt or tax-free form at the airport when they leave the EU (at Schiphol the customs desk is located in departure hall 3).

 Tell your customer they need to send their original receipt to our office in the post. We advise customers to post their receipt from the airport. If they are in a hurry, they can also post it from their country of origin.

Steps 2, 3 and 4 are optional. This information is also explained on our tax-free form. 

As soon as we have received your customers original receipt in the post, we are allowed by the tax administration to send you an invoice for their VAT refund. When we have received your payment for our invoice we will let your customer know by email. They can then log in to their account to request a payment online.

Do you want to offer exceptional customer service
 by making the VAT refund process as easy and fast as possible? Start using POPRâ„¢ and make sure to use debt collection for your invoices.