What if a store does not want to cooperate? /

By law, sales outside the EU and certain other transactions are tax-exempt if the export has been confirmed by customs (tax-administration sub-department). If you meet the requirements and ask for a VAT refund the store should refund your VAT.

Unfortunately, some stores don't cooperate. Either because they don't understand the law, the administrative procedures involved or because they have a contract with another tax-free company. These are not valid reasons to reject your claim. 

If you meet all requirements and the store does not want to cooperate you can continue with the steps below:

  1. Contact the store directly
    They might be willing to help out if you contact them personally. Reach out via email or through social media. Ask us for an address if you can't find one.

  2. Include us in the conversation
    Cc-us in your message to the store so we can assist you in case they ask any questions you can't answer

  3. Forward your documents
    Add copies of your receipts, you proof of VAT exemption and a copy of your passport