What if a store does not want to cooperate? /

European Union tax law states that a 0% VAT rate applies to exported goods. NATO employees and persons working for exempt EU institutions benefit from 0% VAT rates as well. If you meet all the requirements and export has been confirmed by customs, the store should refund the VAT which was paid when you purchased the goods.

Unfortunately, some stores don't cooperate. Either because they don't understand the regulation, the administrative procedures involved or because they have an exclusive contract with a different tax-free company. These reasons are legally invalid for rejection of your claim.

If a store doesn't want to cooperate, there are 2 things you can do:

  1. Contact the store personally They might be willing to help out if you contact them personally. You can do so via social media or email. Ask us for an email address if you can't find one, and CC or tag us in your message so we can assist.
  2. Take legal action
    We can take legal action for you. All legal costs are paid for by us. To do so, please register your receipt, sign a Power of Attorney and send it to [email protected]. After notifying the store about legal action, they might quickly refund your VAT. If not, court proceedings can take a year or longer to complete. We'll keep you updated along the way.