What if a store does not wish to cooperate with refunding my VAT? /

We also have a dedicated (English language) page about this topic.

1. Contact the store
If a store chooses not to cooperate with refunding your vat via we advise you to contact them directly, either via their customer service, or through social media.

2. Help the store help you
For the store's reference, add copies of your original stamped receipts to your email or customer service message. You can also ask us to email you our invoice for your VAT refund, which the store's payment department can use to process your request via

3. Include us in the conversation
Cc-us in your message to the store so we can answer any questions if needed.

4. Ask the store to make an exception
Let the store know that you have submitted a VAT refund request via and ask them to make an exception for you.

We encourage you to contact an uncooperative store directly because many stores decide to change their refund policy if they receive direct questions from customers to process VAT refund requests via

Please always check our shopping guide to see if a store cooperates, before you send your original receipts to our office in the post. If you have sent us original receipts from an uncooperative store, and it turns out the store does not wish to cooperate, we can not return your receipt to you or forward them to these stores, competitors or other claiming parties. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.