Where can I get a customs stamp? /

You can get a customs stamp at:

  1. a customs office, at the European airport (or harbour/border) you are leaving from.
    At many European airports, customs offices are located at international departures. To find out where customs offices are located, check the website of the airport or contact their customer service before the day of your departure. 
    Information about the customs office at Schiphol, Amsterdam airport can be found here.

    Please note that some European airports have digital tax free validation systems. These digital validation systems work only on receipts from stores from that specific country. To validate your receipts from other countries you can do two things: a. locate a customs office where they can provide a traditional customs stamp or b. go for option 2 mentioned below.

  2. a customs office, at the airport of your non-EU homecountry. 
    At your non-EU airport of arrival, you can choose to go to the office where you can 'declare your goods'. These offices are located between the bagage claim belts and the exit.
    You can also find a customs office after the exit. The customs office are often located in departure halls close to check in. Ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction.
    Please note; if there is no date included in the stamp, please ask the customs official providing the stamp to write the date of entry with a signature next to the stamp.