What do I do with my stamped receipts? /

To request a VAT refund, please create an account in our app or website first, and register your receipts online. 

IMPORTANT: Some receipts need to be posted to our office and some receipts don't. In most cases, the tax administration requires us to receive, check and archive original receipts, in order to prevent double entries and fraud. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

Receipts that need to be posted:
- all regular receipts that DO NOT have a special QR code printed on the receipt.

Receipts that do not need to be posted:
- receipts that have a special QR code printed on them, which can be scanned in the app. Please note; if you do not scan the QR code properly in the app, our system will not be notified of your registration and your request will be put on hold until your original stamped receipt has come in via post.
- receipts of which the goods were exported by a shipping company. If your goods were exported by shipping company your request can be processed digitally. We will need to receive digital export documents that your shipping company has received from harbour customs. You can read more about this procedure here.
- receipts from NATO employees. NATO employees are exempt from sending original documents in the post to our office.

If you need to send your receipts to our office in the post then we advise you to post your stamped receipts from the European airport you are departing from. Please deposit your receipts into a mailbox of the national postal system (in the Netherlands, the orange mailbox at Schiphol airport).

Make sure to always register your receipts via our app or website first, before you send the originals in the post. Registering your receipts only takes a few minutes. Write the online registration number on your receipt by hand and ALWAYS make a photo/copy of your stamped receipts. This is important for warranty reasons and incase something happens with the post.