Can I submit receipts and forms from other tax-free providers? /

Other tax-free providers include Global Blue, Innova Tax Free, Planet Payment, Easy Tax Free, and many others. They're our colleagues in the tax-free market and provide similar services as

You can submit receipts and forms from all other tax-free providers via, if you prefer to use our services instead of those of our colleagues, as long as the stores where you bought your items cooperate with

To check if a store cooperates, please use our
shopping guideThe coloured logo's that mark the stores in our guide will tell you wether the store will refund your VAT via 

If a store doesn't want to cooperate via (grey logo) we can't process your request. In that case we advise you to submit your VAT refund claim via the tax-free provider and form issued by the store.

Please note that to process your request we need to receive your receipt with a customs stamp. If customs only stamped your VAT refund form, we'll need to receive both the receipt and the form.