Is there a mailbox at the airport? /

Did you know you can submit most claims digitally? In most cases, you're not required to send in any documents by post. There are some exceptions which you can read about here

We advise you to register your claims in advance. You can add upload photo's of your receipts after you have received a stamp from customs. Your account (via our app or website) will tell you wether you need to send in any documents by post.

Always make photo's of your stamped receipts, even if you send them in by post.

At Schiphol, Amsterdam airporyou can use the orange mailboxes. There is an orange mailbox located across the hall from customs.

All airports have a general postal office or mailboxes of the national postal service in various locations. Ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction.

Don't forget to use an envelope and a postal stamp. Always include your contact details and registration numbers.