What documents do I need to provide for a cargo request? /

If your goods were shipped by an export company you do not need to get a customs stamp on your receipt (from a customs office at the airport). Instead we will need to receive 2 official customs documents, mentioned below. Please make sure your shipping company can provide these documents:


  1. 'EX-A' export document
    The EX-A document is an official document following specific guidelines, drawn up by your shipping company for customs, which describes the type and value of your goods. This will allow customs to determine wether the goods can be exported. At the final border within the EU, the EX-A document will be checked and validated by customs.

  2. 'Confirmation of Exit' export document.
    Once customs approves the export and the goods have actually left the EU, your shipping company will automatically receive a Confirmation of Exit from customs. The Confirmation of Exit contains information like the date of exit and customs office details. 

Some shipping companies provide these 2 documents separately and some combine the documents to form 1 document.

Please note; there are strict requirements regarding the information that should be present on your export documents.  You can read more about the requirements here.