Can I submit my claim directly to the store? /

Yes, you can, but most stores won't process your individual claim. Many stores that do process individual claims charge a fee, just like Why? Because, in order to process VAT refund claims submitted by consumers, stores need to carry out administrative procedures that are more complicated than usual. They also need secure environments to store customer's data and ID documents. Many stores don't know how to do this themselves and don't want to invest time and money into internalising the required know-how. Instead, they prefer to outsource this administration to (you guessed it); tax-free providers like  Processing claims submitted via isn't only easier for stores, it's also easier for you. After all, it takes a lot of your precious time to submit claims to each individual store and keep track of all that communication. offers the highest refund in the market. So why not outsource your admin to us, instead of doing it all yourself!