Can I request a VAT refund for online/webshop purchases? /

Yes, you can submit VAT refund claim for goods bought from European online shops. There are two situations that will determine which procedures you must follow to claim the VAT.

Situation a: Your online purchases were delivered to an address in Europe.
1. Register your receipt in your account.
2. Get a customs stamp on your receipt or tax-free form at the airport.
3. Upload a photo of your stamped receipt the receipt registration in your account.

Situation b: Your online purchases were delivered to your home address outside of Europe.
1. Register your receipt in your account as a 'cargo' receipt. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here.
2. Choose the option 'register a cargo receipt'.
3. Choose the option 'exported by post' (after choosing the store and filling in receipt details).
4. Upload the requested documents to prove your goods were posted directly to your non-EU address. You can find more information about these documents here.

Please note:
 Most EU webshops will provide the option to list a billing address and a delivery address during check-out from your shopping cart. If the option for a billing address is provided, please list your foreign billing address. The delivery address can be a European address. If the option for a billing address is not provided, please add your name and foreign address in a remark field or add it by hand on the printed invoice you take to customs.