EU DELIVERY - self arranged export via air or ocean /

Some online stores can’t ship to non-EU countries. Or you might prefer to arrange shipping yourself for other reasons. If this is the case, you can use choose a shipping company yourself and have them ship the items to your non-EU address for you.

Step 1: Order your items
Order your items online and, during the checkout of your shopping cart, submit your non-EU address as the billing address. Can’t add a billing address in addition to the delivery address? No problem. You can also write your non-EU billing address on your invoice by hand.

Step 2: Choose a shipping company

Choose a shipping company to deliver your goods to your non-EU address. Need help with shipping and export documents from the Netherlands? Find out about our partner shipper here.

Step 3: Collect the required export documents

Step 4: Submit your VAT refund claim
Register your invoice in your account so we can start the refund process. We’ll ask you to upload copies of your invoice and required export documents during the registration of your claim.