What is your address for postal mail? /

Before sending mail:

  1. Make pictures of your receipts
    Make a good quality picture of the entire receipt with the customs stamp visible. If something happens to your post, we'll still be able to help you with your pictures.

  2. Write your registration nr. on your receipt
    This will help us process your mail. 
    Register your receipt in your account to receive a registration number. After registration, your receipt number can be found on your 'my receipts' page or your email inbox.

Address for regular mail / national postal services

Address for courier mail (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
att: Web
P.O. Box 37234
1030 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands / Andeloe
De Clercqstraat 99-2
1053 AH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Telephone number: +3188 828 37 33

Please note:
To avoid unnecessary customs clearance costs,
make sure to put the value 
of the contents on your envelope/package on '€0.'