What is your address for postal mail? /

Please find out which mailboxes to use here.

Always make high quality pictures/scans of your receipts and other tax-free documents with the customs stamp clearly visible before sending them to our office in the post. Tip: you can make high quality scans using the Scannable app for free.

Don't forget to write your receipt registration number on your receipt by hand. If you don't have a registration number yet, please register your receipt in your account first.

Please note: when sending registered mail, make sure to put the value on '€0.' This is to avoid any unnecessary customs clearance costs.

Address for regular mail / national postal services

Address for courier mail (DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.)
att: Web
P.O. Box 37234
1030 AE Amsterdam
The Netherlands / Smeenk
Nieuwendammerkade 28a14
1022 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone number: +3188 828 37 33