Can I get a VAT refund from any store? /

No, you can't.

Most stores are more than happy to cooperate but 
some stores don't. In our shopping guide you'll find more than 55.000 stores in the neighbourhood and online, that are willing to refund your VAT via The coloured logos in our guide will tell you wether a store cooperates with or not.

Partner store
Refund is guaranteed

This is an official partner store.

Pledger store
Refund is highly likely but not guaranteed

This store cooperates on a regular basis, or has cooperated in the past and has indicated they plan to keep doing so in the future. 

New store
Refund is unknown / not guaranteed

This store has recently been added to our system. We've never worked with them before so we don't know wether they'll refund your VAT. Don't worry. Most stores are more than happy to cooperate.

If a store is new we advise you to contact them directly first. 
Cc us in you message to the store so we can assist. A short message is sufficient, just to let them know you wish to submit a claim via New stores are often more willing to cooperate if you let them know personally beforehand that you want to submit a claim. 

If you register a receipt for this store we'll contact them for more information and negotiate a refund on your behalf. If they don't want to cooperate we won't charge a fee. 

Don't send your original receipt to our office in the post. Instead, submit your claim with a photo or scan.

Non-cooperative store
Refund is not likely / not guaranteed

This store has indicated to us in the past that they don't want to cooperate with VAT refunds via There is a high chance they won't process your claim if you submit it via our company. We advise you to contact the store directly for more information about how to get a VAT refund. 

If you still choose to submit your claim via for an uncooperative store, don't send your original receipt to our office in the post. Instead, submit your claim with a photo or scan first. Don't worry. If a store doesn't want to cooperate we won't charge a fee.

A store can be listed as ‘uncooperative’ for various reasons:

  • the store works exclusively with an airport cash refund company
  • the store is only willing to refund the VAT to you directly
  • the store has never responded positively (or at all) to our emails and/or calls in the past
  • the store can't/doesn't want to process VAT refund claims at all due to administrative costs
  • the store has gone bankrupt or has permanently closed for other reasons