Can I get a VAT refund from any store? /

Most stores guarantee a VAT refund and process your claim in a timely manner.

For some stores it can take a bit more time and we might need to take legal action to retrieve your VAT. 

The coloured logos in our shopping guide tell you if a store refunds VAT on first request and in a timely manner.

More than 55.000 stores have already refunded VAT via, so there’s more than enough choice for you to shop Tax-Free, hassle free, in the neighbourhood and online.

Partner store
Refund is guaranteed

This is an official partner store. The store has signed a contract with and a VAT refund is guaranteed.

Pledger store
Refund is highly likely

This store has refunded VAT on a regular basis in the past. A VAT refund is highly likely on first request.

New store
Refund is highly likely for most new stores but can take time in some cases

This store has recently been added to our system. We've never worked with them before so we don't know whether they'll refund your VAT on first request.

Most new stores are familiar with VAT and export laws, and are more than happy to cooperate in a timely manner.

Some new stores might take a bit more time to process your claim.

Non-cooperative store
Refund will take some time

These stores have indicated they don’t want to refund VAT or that they only refund VAT via a specific route, and we might need to take legal action to retrieve it.