What documents do I need for items exported by air (DHL, FedEx, PostNL etc) /

    To submit a claim for items exported by post (DHL, FedEx, PostNL etc) you don't need a stamp from customs. Instead you'll need to provide three (3) documents:

    1. Copy of your purchase invoice from the store

    2. Commercial Invoice (shipping document for customs)
      A commercial invoice is a customs document. It is created by the shipper (DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc) for customs. When a sender (store or individual exporting the goods) submits items for shipment, the shipper will ask the sender to fill in some details so they can create this document (commercial invoice) for customs.

      Find out how to get a commercial invoice here.

    3. Proof of delivery (POD)
      The proof of delivery can be found on your couriers website by using your tracking number. It is a confirmation containing the delivery information; the recipient's name, the tracking number, the delivery date and an image of the recipient's signature.

      Find out how to get a POD here.