Is there a minimum amount I need to spend? /

In most European countries, there is a minimum spend requirement for receipts, to be eligible for a VAT refund. This minimum spend threshold differs per country. You can check the list of EU-countries with their minimum spend thresholds below to determine if your receipt can be submitted for a VAT refund:

Country Minimum spend threshold
in local currency
Belgium 125,01 EUR
Bulgaria  0
Cyprus 50,- CYP
Denmark 300,- DDK
Germany 50.01 EUR
Estonia 38,- EUR
Finland 40,- EUR
France 100 EUR
Greece 50,- EUR
Hungary 50000 HUF
Ireland -
Italy 70 EUR
Croatia 740 HRK
Latvia 30,26 LVL
Lithuania 200,- LTL
Luxembourg 74,- EUR
Malta 50 EUR
The Netherlands 50,- EUR
Austria 75,01 EUR
Poland 200,- PLN
Portugal 60,- EUR
Romania 250,- RON
Slovakia 175,- EUR
Slovenia 50,- EUR
Spain 90,50 EUR
Czech Republic -
Sweden 200,- SEK