How can I safely share a copy of my passport? /

We encourage you to block the sensitive information of your passport yourself, before you send us a copy for our administration. After you have blocked the sensitive information of your passport, you can also print it, write over it by hand, and rescan this copy. This will make identity theft with the copy of your passport extremely difficult and unlikely to occur.

Details to block: social security number, photo, signature

Details that should stay visible: passport number, name, country, expiration date

The specimen below is an example of a Dutch passport. Your own passport and the position of sensitive details may differ. 



Please note that all European companies are obligated to store sensitive information, like the copy of your passport, in a secure and safe way. 

At we comply by always blocking the sensitive information of your passport before saving it permanently to our system. 

The Dutch Data Protection Association has advised us to always block your social security number, photo and signature. Furthermore, the original upload of your passport is deleted from our system after we have blocked this information. 

Lastly, we only share these copies of your documents (with blocked sensitive information) when the retailer or tax administration requires them.