What are the requirements for purchase receipts? /

In most EU countries, your purchase documents must show the below information, to get proof of export from customs and a VAT refund from the store. 

The below information must be visible on your purchase document(s) from the store. This can be a receipt, invoice or Tax-Free form.

Your details
Name, passport number, country of residence

Store details
Store name and address

Purchase date

Description of goods

Total purchase amount

Total VAT amount

✅ Most stores can add your details to a receipt or invoice if you ask

✅ Some stores will give you a special Tax-Free receipt or Tax-Free form with these details included

✅ If the store can't add your details to the purchase document, you can download a Tax-Free form for customs here

✅ Take a look at our country guide to see exactly which documents you must bring to customs in the EU country you are departing from