Eindhoven, The Netherlands /

Customs system
  • Manual, wet stamp, customs desk (Dutch and other EU stores)
  • Digital terminal, barcode scan (Dutch stores)
Minimum Spend threshold€50,- per store per day
Minimum spend threshold's for other countries can be found here
Customs locations and opening hours

The customs desk at Eindhoven Airport is located on 1ste floor. Before check-in and passport control, in the main hall, take the elevator up to the 1ste floor. When arriving on the first floor with the elevator, turn right. At the end of the hall you can find the customs desk. The yellow signs will point you in the right direction.
Desk open from 06:00 – 22:00 Customs officers are present at the airport 24/7 If the desk is closed, you can contact customs via the numbers displayed on the customs desk. A customs officer will come down to the desk to stamp your receipts. If you can not find the number, please ask an airport employee for help.

Contact details                             

Eindhoven Airport general contact number: +35227000767 (a customer service agent can connect you to the customs department)

Required documentation for customs
  • A complete purchase invoice containing the name and address of the store, quantity and description of the exported goods, identity of the purchaser (name, passport number and non-EU address)
  • If you don't have a complete invoice an additional tax-free form is mandatory
  • Purchased items
  • Passport
  • If you have an EU passport; proof of residence outside the EU
  • Boarding pass