How do I know my customer has exported his/her goods? /

You know your customer has exported his/her goods if there is a customs stamp on our tax-free form or on the receipt from your store .

When your customer goes to customs for a customs stamp, customs checks wether your customer is eligible for a VAT refund. Your customer is eligible for a VAT refund if they:

- Can show their purchase receipt
- Bring and show the goods bought in your store
- Can prove they live outside the EU (passport/ visa check)
- Can prove they are leaving the EU (boarding-pass check)

When all these requirements have been met, your customer receives the customs stamp and you are allowed by the tax administration to process the VAT refund request.

As a double check, is required to store your customers passport copy and data in our system. The passport data is registered on a digital tax-free form and is sent to you with your invoice.