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Standard VAT rate: 20%

Low VAT rate: 10% on some foods, some works of art, collectors items

Low VAT rate: 5.5% on medicines, some pharmaceutical goods, books, magazines

Minimum spend amount: EUR 100 in the same store on the same day

Time limit to export: before the end of the 3rd month, after the month of purchase

Ask in the store: in France, you must receive a Tax-Free form from the store. If you don’t receive a Tax-Free form in-store, you can’t get back the VAT. Your VAT is refunded by the Tax-Free company visible on the form.

Required for French Customs: 

Tip: In France, the Customs system is digital for receipts from French stores. You can get proof of export at special Tax-Free machines which are located at every international airport in France. They’re usually placed before check-in, in international departure halls. The machine will ask you to scan the Tax-Free form which you received from the store. Your VAT is refunded by the Tax-Free company visible on the form. For receipts from stores in other EU countries you can go to the manual Customs desk located in the same area as the digital Customs machines. We advise you to print a Tax-Free form as some customs departments in France do not want to provide proof of export without it.

If the Customs machine is not working or you’re departing from another EU country, go to a manual Customs desk for an export stamp. You can ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction.