How much time does it take to receive my refund? / This depends on how fast your original receipts reach our office, whether you have provided all the necessary documents needed to process your VAT refund (copy of your passport or other documents proving you live in a non-EU country), and how long the store takes to process our invoice for your VAT refund.

Only after we have received and processed your original receipts at our office and received your necessary documents, we will be able to invoice the store for your VAT refund. Depending on a shop's payment terms, it can take an average of 15 to 30 business days for shops to process our request for payment.

To speed up the process you can do the following things:

  1. make sure you register your receipts online before you send them to us in the post so we already have all necessary information.
  2. upload a copy of your passport to your account page, so we can invoice the shop immediately after having received and processed your original receipts.
  3. make sure you send us your receipts in the post from the European airport you are leaving from. This way your receipts will reach our office faster then if you send your receipts from your home country.