What if my online purchases were delivered directly to my address outside of the EU? /

PLEASE NOTE: You can only get a VAT refund for goods sent to your non-EU address by post, if they were sent by the shop directly. You can not receive a VAT refund for goods sent via airmail if they were sent by yourself (unless you have a special customs document stating the goods have been exported). 

If your purchases were shipped directly to your home address by the online shop, you do not need to get a stamp from customs. You also do not need to send your original receipt to our office in the post. It is sufficient to: 

- request a proper receipt/invoice (this is often sent to your email by the online shop, after finalising your purchase online)
- register your purchase receipt in the app or via our website
- provide a copy of the confirmation of shipment from the store
- provide a copy of the Proof of Delivery‚Äč

The POD is a digital document that is provided by the courier/postal service that was contracted by the online shop to deliver your goods. You can obtain the POD in two ways: ‚Äč

a. Use your tracking number and request the POD from the courier
b. Ask the online shop to send you the POD they have received from the courier.