How long before my receipts arrive at your office? /

We get our mail delivered to our office once a week. Afterward, it can take up to two weeks to register all receipts we have received. Therefore, it can sometimes take up to three (3) weeks in total before your receipts are marked as 'received' in your account

When we have received and processed your original stamped receipts at our office, we will notify you in the message center of the app and by email.

You can also keep an eye on the status of your receipts by logging in to your account and going to the 'my receipts' page. 

When we have received and processed your original receipts, your receipt status will change from 'waiting for originals' to 'waiting for visual validation'. This means we are in the process of checking and approving your received receipt.

If you still haven't heard from us 3 weeks after your receipts should have arrived, please let us know.