What information should be present on my export documents (shipped)? /

This article is for claims and goods that have been exported by a shipping company.

Your export document (EX-A) should refer clearly to you and your goods. Please make sure the following information is present on your export document:

- Your personal name (not your business + the name on your purchase receipt/invoice and your export documents must match / correspond to each other)
- The name of the store where you have bought your goods
- The invoice / receipt number from the store
- The purchase value of your goods

Please note; these are strict requirements. 

Both your purchase receipt/invoice and export documents must be made out to your private name, and the name on both documents must correspond. We can not process your requests if one of your documents are on the name of your business. Unfortunately the tax administration does not allow us to process documents made out to a business. Also, if the name on your export document does not match your purchase invoice / receipt, we can not process your request. Please make sure the names will match when you buy your goods and arrange their shipment.

You can see how to register a cargo request here.