When will you pay my refund? /

You can find the expected refund date in your receipt details: 

Go to 'My receipts'  Select a receipt  View the receipt details

The expected refund date will become visible after your account has been verified and your receipt has been approved (you need to upload proof of export first). 

🕐 Timeframes can be different per store  

Each store has different payment processes and terms. 

Some stores pay within a day, others within 1 week, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days and a few even ask for 90 days. 

The average processing time is 30 days. 

⚠️ The expected refund date is a prediction

It's based on the average amount of days it took the store to process claims of other customers in the past. 

Payments can come in earlier and later than expected.

We'll notify you automatically

When the store has transferred the VAT to our accounts, we'll inform you automatically via email and the app. 

You can find out how to request payment here.

If a store has not paid within 2 weeks after the expected refund date, ask for an update via [email protected]

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