Where can I get a customs stamp? - Airplane /

  1. At your EU airport of departure
    Customs desks are available at all EU airports 24/7. Follow the signs for customs or ask an airport employee to point you in the right direction. If the customs desk is closed there is usually a telephone number displayed on the desk which you can call outside of opening hours. A customs employee will come down to the desk to stamp your receipts.

    You can also view our airports and customs guide here. 

  2. Declare your goods at your non-EU airport of arrival
    You can 'declare your goods' and get a stamp which proves your items have been imported into a country outside the EU. These offices are located between the bagage claim belts and the exit. You might be asked to pay import taxes and duties.

  3. Visit an embassy or consulate in your non-EU country of arrival
    You can go to the embassy of the EU country you departed from or the embassy of the country where you bought your goods. Call the embassy first to ask if they can help. Some embassies will direct you to a customs department. Bring the following with you:

    • tax-free form
    • purchase receipt
    • purchased items
    • flight itinerary showing when you exited the EU
    • passport
    • if you have an EU passport; another non-EU official government document proving you life outside the EU (visa, work-permit, residence-permit, etc)

Please note that without a stamp from customs, we can't process your claim. No stamp = No refundThe tax-administration does not allow us to process claims without proof of export from customs, no matter what the reason was if you were not able to get a stamp. Processing a claim without a stamp can result in high fines for our company and the store. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.