Shopping online and exporting via airplane, car or train /

If the online store delivers your items to an address in EU and you later export the items via airplane, train or car:

Step 1. Non-EU billing address When you pay online, most webshops provide the option to fill in a delivery address and a billing address. For the billing address, use your non-EU address and if possible, insert your passport number in an address line.

If your invoice does not show your non-EU address, we advise you to print a Tax-Free form for customs. This is required in some EU countries (not required in the Netherlands).

Step 2. Print your invoice from the store Most online stores send your invoice via email after you have paid.

Step 3. Get proof of export
You can find out where to find customs here.

After passing by customs, make photos/scans of all your documents and upload them to the Vatfree app.

When we have approved your documents, we'll provide a time-frame for your refund and we'll notify you when your VAT has come in from the store.

Information about payment methods can be found here.