What if I have a digital receipt? /

Received a digital purchase receipt or invoice, from an online store for example? Great!

Exiting the EU by airplane, car or train: Print a copy of your digital receipt to bring to Customs, to get proof of export from the EU. Online stores usually send a digital receipt to your email inbox, or it can be found in your online shopping account. You can also contact the store customer service to ask for it.

Exiting the EU via ocean freighter or courier (DHL, FedEX, UPS etc): If your items are being sent overseas by ocean freighter or courier, you don't need to print your digital receipt because you're not passing by customs physically yourself. When you register a receipt in your account, you can simply upload your digital receipt together with the digital export documents which you received from your shipper.

Tip: When ordering online, you usually have the option to submit a delivery address and a billing address. Add your own name, passport number, and non-EU address in the billing section so your receipt meets the requirements for a VAT refund.