ONLINE → store delivers to EU address → you export via airplane, car or train /

If the online store delivers your items to an address inside the EU and you export the items yourself, via airplane, train or car:

  1. Print your invoice from the store Most online stores send your invoice via email after you have paid.

    If you did not receive an invoice that meets the requirements for a VAT refund, in addition, please fill in a tax-free form.

  2. Get proof of export
    Find out where to get proof of export here.

    After getting 
    proof of export, always make photos/scans of all your documents, especially if you need to send them in via post.

  3. Create an account and register your claim
    You can download our app (Google Play | Apple Store) or create an account via our website.

    Register your receipt in your account. We’ll ask you to upload copies of your documents.

    Tip: you can make high quality scans using the Scannable app (Ios Iphone) for free.

After completing this process we'll keep you updated by email automatically. We'll provide a time-frame for your refund and we'll notify you when your VAT has come in from the store. Information about payment methods can be found here.