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The app for Point-of-Sale (POS) is a simple and straightforward solution for Tax-Free shopping, saving your sales assistants, finance specialists and customers lots of time when dealing with Tax-Free purchases and sales.

With for POS, your systems communicate with in real-time.

When a customer makes a purchase, your POS prints a special Tax-Free receipt, which includes a unique QR code. This QR code contains encoded information about the transaction. The data is sent to automatically when the purchase is completed on your POS.

  1. Your POS automatically recognises country of origin

When your customer pays with a non-EU bank or credit card, your POS automatically prints a Tax-Free receipt with estimated refund amount. You can also print Tax-Free receipts for purchases paid in cash or with EU bank accounts.

  1. Your POS prints a Tax-Free receipt

The Tax-Free receipt contains a QR code for validation at Customs. The customer can provide all their own details, in their own language, at a later point in time.

  1. Optional: Hand out a information folder

Our information folder explains what your customer needs to do with their Tax-Free receipt and how to submit their VAT refund claim. You don’t have to do anything else.

The unique QR code, known as the Proof-of-purchase-record (POPr) code, serves several important purposes in the VAT refund process:

1. Single Source of Truth: The transaction data originating from your POS is our single source of truth and is automatically shared with customers, and Customs, preventing errors and eliminating discrepancies that may arise from manual entries.

2. Preventing Double Claims: Our QR codes are designed to be used only once. When a customer claims back VAT by scanning their QR code, the code becomes inactive. This prevents the same receipt from being registered multiple times.

3. Verification: The unique QR code also acts as a verification mechanism. It ensures that the customer indeed possesses a legitimate Tax-Free receipt generated by your POS system.

4. Data Accuracy: Because the QR code contains your transaction-specific data, it helps your customers accurately record and submit the details of a specific sale and refund request without manual data entry, preventing mistakes and errors.

5. Efficiency: The use of a unique code streamlines the VAT refund process. It reduces the administrative burden on customs, customers and retailers, making the process more efficient and user-friendly for all stakeholders.

In summary, the QR code on our Tax-Free receipts are unique, one-time-use codes generated by your POS system. They play a vital role in ensuring data accuracy, preventing fraud, and simplifying the VAT refund process by automating the transfer of transaction data between your store(s) and

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