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Whether you need a Tax-Free form depends on the Customs rules of the EU country you're departing from. Different rules apply in different countries.

Good to know:

✅ Check our country guide to see the Customs rules per EU country

✅ In most EU countries, Customs requires an invoice which meets the requirements for a VAT refund

✅ Many stores will give you a Tax-Free receipt or Tax-Free form as a replacement of an invoice. Tax-Free receipts and Tax-Free forms are valid replacements and are accepted by all Customs departments in the EU 

✅ If the store can't print a proper invoice and doesn't have Tax-Free receipts or forms, you can download one here. Attach it to your purchase documents from the store.

⚠️ Received Tax-Free receipts and Tax-Free forms from a different Tax Refund company (other than Check our shopping guide to confirm you can submit them via

⚠️ In Spain and France, Customs want a Tax-Free form issued specifically by the store. The VAT is refunded by the Tax Refund Operator visible on the form. You can't print your own Tax-Free form. Without a form from the store, you can't get back the VAT.