I can’t see the 'payout refunds' payment button in my account, now what? /

You can find out where you should be able to find the payment button here.   

If we sent you an email to let you know the store has processed your claim but you can't find the payment button when logged into your account, the following might be happening:

You logged into a duplicate account

Go to your receipts page and check if your claim is visible there. If your claim isn't visible you might have logged into your other account (created a long time ago with a different email address or social button).

Check the email we sent you to determine to which of your accounts it was sent. You need to use that account/login method to log into the correct account and see your claim and the payment button.

If you used the correct email address/login method but still can't see your claim, please contact us via [email protected]. We might need to merge your accounts if you have more than 1 so you can see all your claims in one place.

The store reversed paymentIf your claim is visible on the 'my receipts' page in your account and you received an email about payment your receipt status should be 'paid by shop' (the store has processed your claim). If you received an email from us to let you know the store has paid, but your receipt status is still 'waiting for payment from shop', this means payment from the store was reversed or there is another payment issue playing in the background. Please contact us via [email protected].