Can I submit receipts/forms from other tax-free companies (Global Blue, Innova, Premier, etc)? /

In most cases, yes! Most stores value your freedom of choice. If stores have a blue and pink logo in our shopping guide they will refund your VAT via, even if you received documents from another VAT refund company in-store. 

We advise you to always check our guide before submitting a claim to discover if the store will refund your VAT via

If a store doesn't want to cooperate via (grey logo in our guide) we can't process your claim. In that case we advise you to submit your claim via the tax-free company mentioned on the receipt/form which you received from the store. If you didn't receive any information about tax-free shopping in the store it could be the case they simply forgot to tell you or that they don't cooperate with VAT refunds at all. We advise you to contact them for more information.

If a store is new in our guide (has a white logo or you can't find it in the list) that means we have never worked with them before or a very long time ago. We can't guarantee a refund at this moment because we don't know their policies surrounding VAT refunds. If you submit a claim we'll contact them to find out on your behalf. Don't worry. Most stores are more than happy to cooperate. If they don't want to, we won't charge a fee. Tip: it always helps to talk to somebody in the store or contact their customer service to ask if they will cooperate via Most new stores will gladly cooperate if you ask them first.