How do I offer Tax-Free shopping in my online store? /

Online Tax-Free shopping is easy with!
Your customer can print your digital invoice to get proof of export from customs.

Delivery in the EU first. Export after.
Some customers order goods from your webshop, have them delivered to an EU address, and then export them to a country outside the EU.

✅ These customers are eligible to shop Tax-Free!


Tips for online stores 💡  

Shipping directly outside the EU?
Do you ship goods from your webshop directly to a country outside the EU? Then you can charge 0% VAT at check-out. The export and customs documents that you receive from your courier or shipper are sufficient for a VAT refund. Your customer does not need to provide additional documentation.

Delivery and billing address
Give your customers the option to enter a delivery and billing address at check-out. In some EU countries, customs wants to see an invoice with a billing address outside the EU.

No option for non-EU billing address?
If your webshop does not provide an option to enter a billing address outside the EU, send your customers a Tax-Free form or let them know where to find one on your website. We also inform them via the app.

Provide an invoice
Send your customers an invoice after payment or make it available in their store account. Customers need to print your invoice for customs. 

Inform your customer
Make Tax-Free shopping visible on your website. Let customers know they can shop Tax-Free. Add an article about Tax-Free to your FAQs, create a landing page and add a link to check-out with information about Tax-Free.

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