Can I submit receipts/forms from other Tax-Free companies (Global Blue, Innova, Premier, etc)? /

Yes, you can submit Tax-Free forms and receipts from other Tax-Free companies, like Global Blue, Innova Tax-Free, Premiere Taxfree, Planet Payment, Easy Taxfree and so on. 

Most stores offer customers freedom of choice. They might give you a Tax-Free form or receipt from a specific Tax-Free company, but they allow you to submit it anywhere (also 

Thats fair, since you’re the one paying the service fee!

Unfortunately, some stores don’t want to process claims if you don’t use the tax-free company promoted in-store. In these cases, we might have to take legal action to retrieve your VAT. 

✅ Before you go shopping or submit a claim, check our shopping guide to find out if a store refunds VAT on first request via ✅ Tax-free forms and receipts are part of your purchase documents. If you received these from the store, don't forget to upload copies when submitting a claim in your account.

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