Why do I pay a service fee? /

We guarantee the highest refund in the market as our service fees are the lowest. And we're proud of it! If you find a lower service fee somewhere else, let us know and we'll match it, guaranteed. 

At, you pay:

  1. Service fee
  2. Transaction costs (can be free, depending on your payment method)


Why do I pay a service fee?

To process a VAT refund claim, among other things, we need to:

The costs associated are reflected in our fees.

It's our mission to get fees close to zero (0).

We're continuously innovating in order to make that happen. Developing the tech requires funds and getting all stores, Customs departments and Payment Solution Providers on board takes time. 

In the mean time, we try to offer the lowest service fees as possible and we're proud of that. If you find a lower fee somewhere else, please let us know. We'll match it, guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I find a lower fee somewhere else? 

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